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S I L V E R R U N ModelSphere UML Designer Kit  is now Open ModelSphere

Effective September 17, 2008, S I L V E R R U N ModelSphere UML Designer Kit is offered as Open ModelSphere - a free software for business process, data and UML modeling, released under GPL (GNU General Public License). Please see our press release.

Open ModelSphere provides the functionality of a rich UML modeling tool / software (UML modelling tool). You can create Activity, Class, Collaboration, Component, Deployment, Package, Sequence, Statechart and Use Case diagrams.

Open ModelSphere supports the generation of Java code and the reverse engineering of source and compiled Java files. You can design your project's static model graphically and the application will establish the bases for you to start entering the code. To ease your work, it also offers Java validation.

With respect to the coexistence of relational and object-oriented approaches, class models can be linked to data models. Moreover, class models can be generated from data models and vice versa.

Maintenance contracts for S I L V E R R U N ModelSphere apply to Open ModelSphere and include the Open ModelSphere Maintenance & Support service free of any additional charge.

For further details, please contact your sales consultant or send us your request.

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