Install JDBC driver

To enable Open ModelSphere to communicate with a given database, it is required to install a JDBC Driver. There are two kinds of JDBC driver: JDBC-native drivers, specific to a target database; and generic JDBC-ODBC driver.

JDBC-native drivers

The native drivers can be obtained from the DBMS' Web site, or are available by purchasing the DBMS. You will find some example here.

Target System Driver file Driver class Where to get it
DB2 Comes with the DB2 DBMS
Informix ifxjdbc.jar com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver Comes with the Informix DBMS
MySQL mysql-connector-java-3.0.8-stable-bin.jar com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
SQL Server mssqlserver.jar | msbase.jar | msutil.jar Comes with the Microsoft SQL Server DBMS
Oracle oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver

When the driver file is obtained, copy the driver file (usually a .jar or .zip file) to the subdirectory / jre / lib / ext of your Java installation. Restart ModelSphere.

Each driver has its own JDBC Driver class name (See in the corresponding DBMS documentation). This name is needed for a connection using the JDBC Driver. See Connection to a Database with JDBC.

JDBC-ODBC driver

The JDBC-ODBC driver is installed with ModelSphere at the installation time. This driver can be used with any defined ODBC Data source. This connection is only generic target system compliant.