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Open ModelSphere is an integrated tool for business process, data and UML modeling developed with the experience of more than 20 years.

The journey began when a team of professors and students at Laval University in Quebec City (Canada) started a development of the first graphically-based CASE tool which became a commercial product at the beginning of the 90s - the SILVERRUN suite for business process and data modeling. While the SILVERRUN Professional & Enterprise Series has been and will be further developed and updated, as early as 1998, pioneers in the SILVERRUN team started a parallel research on using alternative technologies to respond to the challenge of the new paradigm of objectoriented application design.

As a first result, SILVERRUN JD, a class modeling tool from Java developers for Java developers was created. It was one of the first products intensively using the Swing library. Inspired by the promising results, a next major step was scheduled: SILVERRUN ModelSphere - a full-featured modeling tool that is platform-independent and supports relational as well as object-oriented approaches.

Under Grandite's management SILVERRUN ModelSphere has been further developed as a commercial product to its current version. It has incorporated the former SILVERRUN-JD functionalities and includes relational data modeling, business process modeling as well as UML modeling. Sign of maturity, major classes of the existing ModelSphere code were written almost 10 years ago.

Driven by the spirit of the pioneers, in July 2008 Grandite as one of the first modeling tool vendors decided to release the SILVERRUN ModelSphere core application under GPL license as the free software Open ModelSphere.

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